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Double faced white satin


Available in the following widths:

3mm – £0.30 per metre

7mm – £0.20 per metre

10mm – £0.20 per metre

15mm – £0.30 per metre

25mm – £0.35 per metre

35mm – £0.45 per metre

38mm – £0.50 per metre

50mm. – £0.60 per metre

Price per reel

7mm £3.50 20M

10mm £3.50 20M

15mm available in 20M and 50M reels £5.00, £9.50

25mm £6.00 20M

35mm £7.50 20M

38mm £8.95 25M,

50mm £10.00 25M


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Additional information

Per m or per reel

When enquiring about the ribbons please state width and if you would like it per metre or per reel


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